Government Relations

Our philosophy to lobbying revolves around the fundamental idea that we develop a unique strategy and messaging points for each client. A strategy that utilizes our key relationships and understanding of the complicated process at all levels of government. A strategy that brings forth a winning solution for all sides and ultimately success.


We’ve worked at the highest levels of fundraising operations from presidential campaigns down to local elections. There is no group in our region that has achieved as much success in this arena than our firm. We understand how to devise successful fundraising campaigns for political entities as well as non-profit organizations.

Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy

On behalf of our clients, we directly engage real people and help them tell their stories to public policy influencers. Utilizing our local relationships, we have built numerous successful, grassroots movements on behalf of clients. Movements that communicate a shared, potent point of view – one that helps mold policy.

Business Development

The firm was created with an entrepreneurial mentality. We’ve developed deep relationships not only in the government sector, but as well with the business community in our state. Utilizing these relationships, plus our desire to see our clients grow their revenues, we have an aggressive approach to devising business development approaches for our clients who need help in this area.

Public Affairs & Media Relations

Every project, every company, every fight over public policy needs the right message. It also needs to ensure that this message is communicated to those who tell your story to the public – the media. We utilize our local, state and national media contacts to ensure your message is disseminated the way you want – media tours, media outreach, media placement, media events.